Immune System Boosting for those Winter Time Months

Wilmington weather is notorious for jumping all over the place during the winter! And these winter has proven to be even more confusing than most, with weeks hitting a high of 80 and sunny one day, followed by a high of 30 the and rainy the next. These drastic changes wreak havoc on our immune system, and truly put it to the test! These are some of my favorite ways to keep my immune system running

Make self care a priority! Not only is the weather throwing us off our game, but we are also still in recovery mode from the holidays. Lack of sleep, too much sugar, alcohol and not enough vegetables really make your body work overtime.

  • Sleep is essential to health. That is your body’s chance to recover and repair itself from all the toxins of the day. While we are asleep, our body releases proteins called cytokines, which promote sleep, as well as fight off infection, and inflammation. Optimal sleep means optimal immune function, lower stress, lower risk for diabetes and heart disease. Having a sleep schedule, and limiting screen time in the evening can help with the difficulty of falling sleep and staying asleep.
  • Hydration! By the time your body has a chance to tell you to drink water, you are already dehydrated. Hydration is important for many aspects of health, but if we look specifically at sinus health, proper water intake will thin out the mucus and allow for proper drainage to avoid that dreaded stuffy nose, and sinus headache.
  • Exercise has been shown to lower stress, increase circulation, and of course promote cardiovascular health, which allows for the cells to be properly oxygenated and move throughout the body efficiently. However, it is unsure as to how much exercise can have a negative affect on your immune system, so when in doubt, listen to your body and take it easy.
  • Stock up on vegetables! Over the holidays, we are surrounded by all kinds of deliciously unhealthy food and “vegetables” that have completely lost all value due to added sugar and unhealthy fats. Vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals to help our body function at its best and kick out any germs that may come our way.
    • Blog coming soon: How to easily increase vegetable intake

Disclaimer: No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

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